The thought of therapy may seem terrifying, but admitting you need help is confidence in it’s own. It can be an overwhelming decision to make, but know you are not alone. Here at Birch Lake Counseling, we want you to feel as comfortable as you’ve ever felt. Below we have provided you with some question and answers you may have.


Will my sessions be confidential?
Yes. Confidentiality is vital. Every document, written or oral,  is kept private unless there is a written consent from the patient. Here at Birch Lake Counseling we encourage every client to speak freely about oneself without feeling judged.

Why do I need therapy? Can’t I handle this on my own?
Therapy devotes 100% focus and attention on just the client. The therapists at Birch Lake also provide a more trained and fair opinion about the situation at hand. Therapists aren’t part of your every day life so it may be easier to open up to them versus family or friends.

What happens in the first session?

What if I’m too embarrassed?
Our therapists value the time they have with each and every client of theirs. They do not and will not judge anyone on the feelings they may have while going through therapy. Therapy can be a very positive experience and the more a client opens up the healthier they will become.

How long will therapy take?
There is no exact answer to this question. Therapy may become a long process if the client is not open about the struggles he/she is going through. The more involved the client is, the quicker the process will be. Here at Birch Lake, we encourage you to have an open communication with your therapist.

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